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Decorative Swords

Our decorative swords are one of the most popular mementos from the medieval period. "Movie swords" such as Braveheart swords, Excalibur swords and Lord of the Rings swords are extremely popular with film buffs and with people who have a penchant for Medieval or feudal history.

Scottish Claymore Sword
Item Code: SNSD5501

This is a decorative replica inspired from the swords used during 15th & 16th centuries. The distinctly styled hilt sets this sword apart from the other swords used in that era. The Claymore sword is one of the most glorious swords in history, typically of hand-and-a-half length, this versatile weapon can deliver great sweeping slashes or powerful thrusts.
Our claymore is classic in its design, with distinctive downsloping arms terminating in a quatrefoil design and langets running down the center of the blade. The leather-covered grip is topped by a globate pommel. The sword is overall 55" long and is available in both polished and antiqued finishes.

  • Overall length : 55"
  • Blade length : 42.5"
  • Approx Weight : 12.5"
  • Approx Weight of Sword : 2.430 Kg

Brave Heart Sword / William Wallace Sword
Item Code: SNSD5502

The Braveheart Sword received its name because of its strong connection with the legendary Scottish hero Sir William Wallace, who was sometimes called "Braveheart.". The Braveheart Sword became well-known and popular among the general public as a result of the epic film "Braveheart,"

A formidable weapon with a beautiful but functional design, our replica Braveheart Sword is a double-handed sword that is beautiful and yet elegantly simple in design. This traditional two handed broad sword is around 137cm long with unsharpened stainless steel blade. The sword handle is brown leather enfolded with a chrome-plated steel hilt The William Wallace sword is a must keep for every collection and completes the assortment.

  • Overall length : 52.5"
  • Blade length : 42.5"
  • Handle Length : 10"
  • Approx Weight of Sword : 2.120 Kg

Roman Pompeii Sword with Scabbard
Item Code: SNSD5503

This is the famous two edged Roman Gladius Sword. The sword is overall 30.5" in length while the blade is 22.5" long. The steel blade is unsharpened and mirror polished. The solid wooden grip has ridges for the fingers. The grip, guard and pommel are all made of solid wood in brown finish.

The gladius is sheathed in a scabbard mounted on a leather shoulder strap. The wooden scabbard comes with brass fittings and is 65 cms long. The Baldric Belt we Sell Separately SNLA6430. 

  • Approx Weight of Sword : 930 Gm

Crusader Sword
Item Code: SNSD5505

Inspired from the crusader design, this is a Decorative sword. Overall length being 111 cms and blade length 88 cms, it comes with a leather handle

Viking Sword
Item Code: SNSD5506

This sword is named after the feared Viking raider Godfred, and is a very accurate reproduction of the type of weapon used by the Vikings in the 8th century. It even has a simple pommel and a velvet wrapped hardwood sheath. This is a great collector’s item for those fascinated with Vikings or history.

  • Overall Length : 38"
  • Blade Length : 31.5"
  • Handle Length : 6.5"
  • Approx Weight of Sword : 1.550 Kg

Templar sword
Item Code: SNSD5508

This Knights Templar Sword is light weight and features wood scabbard wrapped in leather with polished steel accents. The handle is wrapped in leather. The pommel is set with an ornate cross. The blade is quite long and sharpened on both edges.

Ornate and embellished, the Templar Long sword is likely more of a representation of the Knights Templar, rather than a weapon they truly would have wielded; regardless, it is still a fascinating and beautiful weapon, perfect for commemorating the Knights Templar. 

  • Overall Length : 40"
  • Blade Length : 33"
  • Handle Length : 7"
  • Approx Weight of Sword : 1.530 Kg


Medieval Sword (with Scabbard)
Item Code: SNSD5510

Classified as the type XI by Oakshott's typology, this type is distinguished by having a slender blade, generally long in proportion to the hilt with a very narrow fuller running to within a few inches of the point. The diamond shape blade is extremely well balanced and is light in weight making cut and thrust sword movements easy. 

Specifications :

  • Overall Length : 40"
  • Blade Length : 33"
  • Handle Length : 7"
  • Approx Weight of Sword : 1.800 Kg

Hand Made Gladius Sword
Item Code: SNSD5511


Specifications :

  • Overall Length : 30"
  • Blade Length : 21"
  • Blade Width : 2"
  • Handle Length : 9"
  • Handle : Hardwood and Brass Handmade
  • Approx Weight of Sword : 990 Gm

Naval Cutlass Sword
Item Code: SNSD5512



Overall Length : 32"
Blade Length : 26"
Handle Length : 6"
Approx Weight of Sword : 990 Gm

Templar Medieval War Sword with Scabbard
Item Code: SNSD5513BRH


Specifications :

  • Overall Length : 37.5"
  • Blade Length : 30"
  • Handle Length : 7.5"
  • Approx Weight of Sword : 1.250 Kg

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