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             Lady Plate Armour

Plate armour is a protective covering intended to defend its wearer from intentional harm in combat. Our solid steel armour is designed for combat, whether in the tournament or the field, but is also being widely used in movies.

All hand forged in 20 gauge, 18 gauge or 16 gauge mild steel, as per order.

Steel Lady Greaves (Pair) - A
Item Code: SNSAL1060

The Warrior Princess Greaves is a real blacksmith's masterpiece. The strong power has found an embodiment in the elegance lines and shapes. The armour emphasizes a dignity and even hides weakness of woman figure.

Due to original design and right anatomical shape the greaves fit perfect, also they visually extend the leg's length. poleyn are done through the separate element and are fixed to greave with leather straps.

The greaves doesn't limit the mobility and allows making the fence movements.

Approx Weight: 1.6 kg

Steel Lady Gorget - A
Item Code: SNSAL1080

This Lady Gorget is a simple but reliable protection for every warrior. It completes perfectly other plate armour sets.

A gorget originally was a steel or leather collar designed to protect the throat. It was a feature of older types of armour and intended to protect against swords and other non-projectile weapons.

Approx Weight: 750 gm

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