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             Medieval Locks and Handcuffs

SN Exports proudly prsents its new range of Medieval Lock and Handcuffs.

Production Process For Locks

Medieval Handcuffs
Item Code: SNAL1301CH

Vlad III of Romania, Prince of Wallachia from 1448 to 1476, was so much well know for the exceedingly cruel punishments he imposed during his reign that he was the primary inspiration for the most famous Vampire character ever :Dracula.

These functional replica handcuffs with key are perfect to replicate the originals in use during those dark days of Romanian Middle Ages. Are you looking for handcuffs for you medieval dungeon? Our Vlad the Impaler handcuffs are exactly what you need.

  • Overall Length : 25 cm
  • Approx Weight : 520 Gm

Single Handcuff
Item Code: SNAL1302

These replica hand cuffs are just like the ones used in the civil war and the old West frontier to shackle convicted prisoners. These cuffs are of metal construction, fully functional, and have an antique finish.

Overall Length: 15 cm

Weight: 420 gm

Deluxe Linked Medieval Handcuff
Item Code: SNAL1303

These Handcuffs comprise of two parts, which are linked together by a chain. Each half has a rotating arm which engages with a ratchet to avoid it from being opend once closed around a wrist.

Specifications :

  • Overall Length: 28 cm
  • Approx Weight: 650 Gm


Civil War and old west era Cuffs with Metal lock
Item Code: SNAL1306


Approx Weight : 612 Gm

Approx Length : 12.5"

Finish : Black

Available With 2 keys

Leg Cuff with Ball & Chain
Item Code: SNAL1311

This is a reproduction of jailer's antique items. This leggcuff was used in old times for prisoners.

It is made of mild steel and left in its natural state so it shows some minor wear and tear and light rust. The ball weights approximately 2.060 kg & Chain measures 35 inches long.

Available in Natural, Black & ZP finish

Borgia Padlock With Chainmail Keychain
Item Code: SNAL1352

Meet one of the most infamous Italian familly of the quatrochento. Hugely powerful, terribly decadent, the Borgia have been accused of many different crimes. In their insane search for power, they made lots of enemies.
Our simple lock could have been used to close their precious treasure chests as well as dungeon chains.
This working reproduction is strong and fully functional.
Available with 2 Keys
Length: 12 cm
Width: 8 cm
Approx Weight: 330 gm

Antique Padlock With Chainmail Keychain
Item Code: SNAL1353

This functional locking dungeon padlock is sized for small places. this is the perfect lock for securing prison leg shackles.

Available with 2 Keys

Length: 12 cm

Width: 8 cm

Approx Weight: 350 gm

Ivan The Terrible Padlock With Chainmail Keychain
Item Code: SNAL1354

Ivan IV of Russia, Grand Duke of Muscovy and first ruler of Russia to assume the title of Tsar - loved two things more than anything else : protecting his gold and incarcerating his prisoners. Two perfect use for such a strong lock ! 

Available with 2 Keys

length: 12 cm

Width: 9 cm

Approx Weight: 380 gm

The Medici Padlock With Chainmail Keychain
Item Code: SNAL1355

The Medici bank was the largest in Europe during the 15th century. All this well protected gold finally allowed the Medici to gain political power in Florence.

Afraid of any medieval robber ? Your treasure is safe when you lock it properly.

Available with 2 Keys

Length: 11 cm

Width: 8 cm

Approx Weight: 350 gm

Medieval Padlock With Chainmail Keychain
Item Code: SNAL1356

Possessing a piece of authentic history feels great, having a fully functional lock, like this one, you can use to keep your own treasures safe, or to display with your replica collection. the lock, with and old style locking system, is approximately 4.4" tall and 3.2" long.

This new, iron lock is a faithful reproduction of the heavy iron padlocks used over a hundred years ago! Padlocks such as these might have been used to secure the lid of a pirate's treasure chest, or to keep criminals in their medieval cells.

  • Available with 2 Keys
  • Size: 11 cm x 8 cm
  • Approx Weight: 320 gms

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