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             More Horn And Bone

SN Exports proudly presents its new range of real HORN & BONE PRODUCTS. We deal in the finest quality horn and bone crafts.

Using traditional methods of manufacture we have tried to revive this age old skill of producing useful products from waste materials left from domestic cattle. These cattle horns and bones have natural glaze and etched patterns which in turn are shaped into the most exquisite and stunning crafts by our trained craftsmen. No two pairs of horns are alike; therefore every single piece of craft manufactured from horn or bone is different.

To contribute to a cleaner environment, these horns and bones are collected from areas around slaughter houses in both the rural and urban areas. No waste material from wild animals is being used in our production process. The material comes mostly from domestic cattle like cows and water buffaloes.

Apart from being unique and beautiful, these products are most durable, environment friendly, bio degradable and affordably priced. We are producing a wide range of functional products like cutlery (a variety of spoons & forks) drinking horns, bowls, trays, dishes, etc. and dress accessories like buttons, combs, hair-pins, etc. out of which only a few are listed below. We are also producing polished & cleaned horns, blowing horns, powder horns. We could also develop new items from horns and bones on request.

Item Code:SNHB4402

Embroidery needles made from bones. These are just perfect for embroidery as they are hard and not brittle. They have a smooth texture and a sharp point. The needles are all 3 inches long.

Wiping the horns with some vegetable oil occasionally will help increase the life of your possession. Since these are made from natural materials, the colour and shade made vary from piece to piece.

Size - 7 cm

Weight - 1.5 Gm


Item Code:SNHB4403

It measures about 3.5 inches long.

Weight - 1.5 Gm



Buffalo Horn with Carved Finish Bird Shaped Whistle
Item Code:SNHB4409


Specifications :

  • Approx Length : 7.6 cm
  • Approx Weight : 12 Gm

Buffalo Horn Pigeon Shaped Whistle
Item Code:SNHB4410


Specifications :

  • Approx Weight : 12 Gm
  • Approx Length : 7.6 cm

Buffalo Horn Elephant Shaped Whistle
Item Code:SNHB4411


Specifications :

  • Approx Weight : 11 Gm
  • Approx Length : 7.6 cm


Buffalo Horn Fish Shaped Whistle
Item Code:SNHB4412


Specifications :

  • Approx Weight : 15 Gm
  • Approx Length : 7.6 cm


Bigul Cow Horn with Black String
Item Code:SNHB4414


Specifications :

  • Approx Length : 9.5"
  • Approx Weight : 160 Gm
  • Approx Mouth Circumference : 7.5"

Sheep Horn
Item Code:SNHB4416


Specifications :

  • Approx Weight : 60 Gm

Buffalo Horn
Item Code:SNHB4420



  • Size : 16" to 19"


Buffalo Horn Roll
Item Code:SNHB4421


Specifications :

  • Size : 7 cm
  • Approx Weight 20 Gm

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