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Movie Armour

SN Exports takes great pride in introducing an absolutely new range of wearable and affordable chainmaille which they prefer to call as the MOVIE / FANTASY ARMOUR. The enthusiasm of creating & working with new materials and the facility of customizing designs have helped us in developing an entirely new array of chainmail products. This new collection is perfect to match your fantasies and to make your dreams come true.

Aluminium Chainmaille

Our Aluminium Chainmaille is the most sought after for movies, as this is the most affordable & practically useful series. At one-third the weight of steel, Aluminium Riveted Chainmaille is a very good alternative.

It is available in the following styles:

  • Butted
  • Round ring round riveted
  • Flat ring round riveted

Please refer the CHAINMAILLE DETAILS page for more information.

This range is being particularly liked by film & television people because of its cost effectiveness, its looks and last but not the least, its light weight. A medium size Hauberk in Aluminium chainmaille weighs approximately 5 kgs. It has revolutionized the fashion industry as the most modern & amazing costumes have been designed from aluminium chainmaille which can be worn the whole day long. It is just the apt thing for Renaissance Fairs or costume parties or just wearing it to the club, to create ones own style statement. It looks astonishing on just anyone.


Titanium Chainmaille

We are the first company to start the manufacture of flat riveted, blackened Titanium Chainmail. It is as strong as stainless steel with the weight of aluminum.

We offer Titanium in 9 mm 17g  Flat ring round rivet .

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