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New Launched Product

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Armor Venue Fluted Gothic Breastplate
''){ ?> Item Code:SN-60653

Chest Size –  L-60

Gauge –  20g

SS Cutlery Set with Leather Sheath
''){ ?> Item Code:SN-60734

Fork Size- 21cm

Knife Size-23.5cm

Total Weight-195gm

Sheath Size-26cm

Sheath Weight-67gm

Material – Stainless Steel

Mild Steel Mushroom Head Rivets
''){ ?> Item Code:SN60716-16mm

Size : 16mm

(Set of 25 Pcs)

Mild Steel Mushroom Head Rivets
''){ ?> Item Code:SN60716-13mm

Size : 13mm

(Set of 25 Pcs)

Hand Crafted Brass Old Fashioned Spittoon
''){ ?> Item Code:SN60688

This old-fashioned spittoon is made of brass. It is about 9.5" tall and 9" wide. It will make a great decor piece.

Italian Long sword
''){ ?> Item Code:SNSF60494

Specifications :

  • Overall Length : 58"
  • Blade Length : 43"
  • Handle Length : 14"
  • Approx Weight : 2.480 Kg

Black Fencer V5 Ring Hilt Longsword
''){ ?> Item Code:SNSF60495


Specifications :

  • Overall Length : 57"
  • Blade Length : 43"
  • Handle Length : 13"
  • Approx Weight with Scabbard: 2.480 Kg

Gladiator Helmet Of The Spaniard
''){ ?> Item Code:SNH2234BKL20

This gladiatorial helmet is an amazing reproduction of the helmet worn by General Maximus to conceal his identity from the Romans as he fought in the arena as "The Spaniard". This Gladiator helmet is made of steel and is lined and fully wearable.

Our Gladiator Helm in steel was reproduced from the gladiator helmet that Russell Crowe made famous in the movie Gladiator. This is the helmet of the Spaniard as he enters the Coliseum the first time for battle.

The Gladiator Helmet is hand crafted and made of carbon steel. It has a functional visor. This helmet is quite an impressive helmet and makes a great addition to any medieval collection.

•It is made of hand-forged 18 gauge. Can be made in 20 gauge on request.

•The helmet comes with a riveted, high-quality and adjustable leather liner and chinstrap and authentic brass buckle.

Approx Weight: 1.750 kgs. (18 gauge)

Forehead Circumference: 68 cms

Finish: Black

''){ ?> Item Code:SN60698


  • Handle Length : 18"
  • Axe Head Size : 6"X3.5"
  • Approx Weight : 680 gm

''){ ?> Item Code:SN60702


  • Handle Length : 23"
  • Axe Head Size : 7"X6"
  • Approx Weight : 750 Gm

''){ ?> Item Code:SN60700


  • Handle Length : 23"
  • Axe Head Size : 10"X7.5"
  • Approx Weight : 850Gm

''){ ?> Item Code:SN60697


  • Handle Length : 46"
  • Axe Head Size :12"
  • Approx Weight : 1.580Gm

''){ ?> Item Code:SN60696


  • Handle Length :46"
  • Axe Head Size : 12"X10.5"
  • Approx Weight : 1.340Gm

The Double Bladed Axe Riverheart
''){ ?> Item Code:SN60694


  • Handle Length :30"
  • Axe Head Size : 13"X6.5"
  • Approx Weight : 1.920 Gm

Mace Head
''){ ?> Item Code:SN60699

This mace head is made of steel and is 7,8 cm long, with an inner ring with a 23 mm diameter. It weight is 450 grams.

This item is produced in limited quantities only. This means that every piece is unique. Sizes & finish may vary lightly from piece to piece.


Cow Horn Small Round Plate
''){ ?> Item Code:SN60672

Horn Plates like this were used during several periods in history. Item is completely handmade of horn in a socially responsible manner.

Kindly note: Wash by hand, not suitable for dishwashing machines. Sizes may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Diameter: 18.5cm (7.5 inch)

Cow Horn Round Small Bowl
''){ ?> Item Code:SN60671

Bowls made from 100% cow horn. These were being used during the medieval period for eating or serving food. These bowls have a diameter of 3 inches each.

All horns are boiling water proof and are polished to give a smooth finish.

Wiping the horns with some vegetable oil occasionally will help increase the life of your possession. Since these are made from natural materials, the colour and shade made vary from piece to piece.

Diameter: 7.5 cm (3 inch)

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