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             Pots, Plates & Cutlery

Hand Crafted Brass Old Fashioned Spittoon
Item Code:SN60688

This old-fashioned spittoon is made of brass. It is about 9.5" tall and 9" wide. It will make a great decor piece.

SS Cutlery Set with Leather Sheath
Item Code:SN-60734

Fork Size- 21cm

Knife Size-23.5cm

Total Weight-195gm

Sheath Size-26cm

Sheath Weight-67gm

Material – Stainless Steel

Cutlery set (fork & knife)
Item Code:SNAC8403

This cutlery set includes a fork and knife forged of high carbon steel and hardwood handles. Both are approximately 8 inches long.

Weight: 137 gms

Hand Forged Pan
Item Code:SNAC8406

Hand forged iron frying pan in one piece.

These kind of pans were made during the Middle Ages. 

Suitable for all  induction, gas, wood, ceramic and electrical, as well as for an open fire. The pan is not coated; it is scratched & cut and improves with increased use.

  • Material thickness: 3 mm
  • Diameter: 28 cm approx
  • Edge height: 4 cm approx
  • Approx Weight: 1.5 kg

Roman Bowl
Item Code:SNAC8407

Hand turned wooden eating bowl - raw and untreated, ready for the re-enactor to customise and to add a coating of bees wax so as to be historical and safe for food.

External diameter: 16 cm (6.29 inches)
Internal diameter:15 cm (5.90 inches)
Depth: 5cm

External circumference: 53 cm

Weight: 263 Gm

Curved Knife with Curles
Item Code:SNAC8408

This Curved Knife is hand forged of high carbon steel.

Specifications :

  • Overall Length: 20 cm
  • Approx Weight: 75 Gm

Item Code:SNAC8409


Specifications :

  • Overall Length: 25 cm
  • Approx Weight: 115 gm

Viking-time folding knife
Item Code:SNAC8410

This practical folding knife is made from the 9th to the 10th century according to the model of Viking-era knives. 
The blade can be recessed in the knife handle and makes the Viking-time folding knife a practical companion in storage day. The Viking-time folding knife has a beautifully shaped and nicely decorated handle made of bone, which is well in the hand.
The blade of the Viking folding knife has a length of 8 cm with a total length of the knife of 20 cm . 
Blade width 2 cm, blade back 3 mm. the blade is made of rust-proof carbon steel. The handle is made of bone and is decorated with typical carvings. 
Folding knives have already been used frequently during the Roman era and are known from several Viking sites.

Kulsa or Guksi Wooden Spoon Bowl
Item Code:SNAC8412

This rounded wooden Bowl is approximately 8.5 cm in diameter, 3.5 cm deep and 17 cm long. The handle has a hole which makes it very easy to attach to your belt with a tankard strap.



Plain Edge Flat Wooden Plate 24 cm
Item Code:SNAC8414

Diameter 24 cm, 1cm deep 

Weight - 165 Gm


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