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Chainmail Armour

Our chainmail extends a number of benefits to those who wear it. In addition to providing a high degree of protection, it’s just great for SCA or LARP events; for going out to Renaissance Fairs or costume parties or

Plate Armour

Plate armour is a protective covering intended to defend its wearer from intentional harm in combat. Our solid steel armour is designed for combat, whether in the tournament or the field, but is also being widely used in m

Leather Armour

In medieval days, thick hide leather armour was additionally worn by warriors to complement their chainmaille and steel armor. Also, many SCA and LARP veterans still prefer leather body armor rather than steel armor for ea

Movie Armour

SN Exports takes great pride in introducing an absolutely new range of wearable and affordable chainmaille which they prefer to call as the MOVIE / FANTASY ARMOUR. The enthusiasm of creating & working with new material


• Spears, Pikes & Tomahawks
• Arrow Heads

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