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We offer a wide selection of miniatures of helmets, shields & armour, from the medieval era, which can be presented in a variety of ways. While most of them can be used as stand alone presentations, you can even get them personalized and mounted on some type of a base or desk sets. Our miniatures are popularly in demand at gift stores, where people love to take them back home as GIFTS or SOUVENIERS. Our miniature helmets, shields & armour are handcrafted and are very detailed in design. These ancient replicas look very much like the authentic ones, used during the medieval and renaissance period.

Mini Helmets

• Mini Helmets With Stands
• Framed Mini Helmets
• Mini Helmets On Shields

Mini Swords

• Mini Roman Sword / Paper Cutter 1
• Mini Roman Sword / Paper Cutter 2
• Mini Sword

Mini Armour

• Mini Roman Armour
• Mini Lorica Segmentata
• Mini Full Suit Of Armour
• Mini Armour On Shield
• Mini Cuirass


Medieval Keychains

Brass Greiftier Keychain

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