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Swords & Dagger

Functional Swords

Our hand crafted swords have been recreated from museum originals. The tangs are unwelded, properly proportioned and rigorously tempered to stand upto battle.


Decorative Swords

Our decorative swords are one of the most popular mementos from the medieval period. "Movie swords" such as Braveheart swords, Excalibur swords and Lord of the Rings swords are extremely popular with film buffs and with pe


A Dagger is a typically double-edged blade. They often fulfill the role of a secondary defense weapon in close combat. Dagger Blades may be roughly differentiated from knives on the basis that daggers are intended primaril

Wooden Swords / Wasters

Weapons’ training is a specialized area of training from empty hand upward to live blade training. The wooden training sword is an integral part of this learning process whether you practice Western Martial Arts or E

Swords Stands

SN Exports proudly presents its new range of wooden Sword Stands.

Swords Accessories

S N Exports proudly presents its new range of Swords Accessories.

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